10 basic that every woman must have before the 30

There are some style rules that have to be learned before you move to the third floor. Here we tell you!

  • Basic shoes in basic shades

Obvious to be fashionable and have the trend shoes are worth (at any age) but let’s face it, nothing like a good pair of black or nude shoes that save you in any emergency . They manage to highlight even the most casual look!

  • Quality vs quantity

I do not know much about finances, but I can tell you that investing in a good bag is much better than throwing your money at 10,000 piecesthat will probably be left in your closet eventually.

  • Power suit

Welcome to the godin era, where the eye, not necessarily your attire has to be boring , on the contrary. This is your great opportunity to test your skills in styling, the tailor suit is a must in every woman’s wardrobe.

  • Timeless tone

Black is a basic in all its versions, and I do not say it because I’m a fan of that color, if not because really this great nuance works wonders with our silhouette, from the typical little black dress to clothes of proposal of season, is without a doubt The basics of basic.

  • All shapes and sizes

Accessories are your best friends when you want to highlight your outfits.Do not forget to integrate in your closet from the smallest necklaces to the most extravagant jewelry.

  • For the exterior

A formal coat, one hundred percent! This is the new blazer that you can take everywhere and look like a fashion expert. Combine it with jeans and a white t-shirt … it will look perfect.

  • They are not just for Sunday

Hello to the comfort of jeans. These little great friends, stopped being a weekend garment to become our everyday favorites. Dare to wear a total look in denim will be a hit!

  • Always carry them in your bag

The heels are beautiful and they help us to see us, but let’s face it, you can not stand 24/7 in them . For this reason, we must all load a pair of flats(preferably in neutral tone). Will match any outfit!

  • Pencil skirt

This cut highlights the curves of any woman and you can carry it from day to night very easily, since you only have to combine it in an astute way.

Why not try a skin-cut rocker jacket to enjoy an evening with your friends or combine textures to give it a unique style ?

  • If you doubt … lipstick!

What woman would say no to the red lipstick? This tone makes us instantly feel powerful no matter what happens in the day. If there is not yet one in your make-up bag … I do not know what you’re waiting for!

10 basic that every woman must have before the 30

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