4 rules for not being a ‘fashion victim’

We share the keys that will help you to be successful in the world of fashion and not fall into the area of ​​’fashion victim’.


We understand your love of fashion. All women are sorry!

However, sometimes we make our addiction to clothing and trends absorb our day to day and turn our looks into true sideboards (and not in a good way).

Here we share the keys that will help you to be a fashion icon and not afashion victim.

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Does the combination of two prints look trendy? Use it! But only that. Do not want to include transparencies, glitters and a touch of novene.

The fashion victim abuses the novelty and wants to take everything in a single look.

It is best to choose a trendy trend and include it effortlessly in some of your clothes.


One thing is to inspire them and another, very different, is to want to look just like them. Remember that celebs have a great fashion team and generally they do not choose what they are going to wear!

For this reason, they always look incredible at all times.

So watch closely how they achieve their looks and get the best for you to include in your outfit.



Avoid being a fashion victim knowing your body, measurements and size (the real, not the one you have in your head).

The clothes look better if you get the ring finger. You do not have to leave marks! He does not have to make you suffer during the day.


fashion victim thinks that wearing 5 luxury brands will look exceptional and this is not true.

The woman who looks fashionable knows that the brand does neither elegance nor style. Do not depend on the ‘name’ of a designer!

When you have posture and glamor, every woman looks like a true fashionista (regardless of the price of clothing or the origin of it).

Follow these keys so they never tell you that you are a ‘fashion victim’.

4 rules for not being a ‘fashion victim’

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