The 5 fashion trends for spring 2017

We present the trends that will dominate your closet this warm season.


Ready to be fashionable this spring ? Discover the clothes that will make you look in trend the hottest season of the year. You must have them all!


This hot trend came to stay in each of your key pieces: from jumpsuits to t-shirts. You will love the romantic effect that will give you this finished.


Flared, bulky and with XXL effect, the sleeves of your blouses will not be the same again this season. Spring 2017 is more risky than ever!


Bet for a sensual touch on your look with tops that have only one side. That way, you will teach some skin in an elegant way. The secret is to look for a unique detail (like a striking print) to look sophisticated.


Strings and strings are the main textures of this spring trend. With this finished you will give a dark touch to your look. Definitely a must if you love the street style !


Who does not love to shine everywhere? The metal parts will make you look radiant day and night. Do not be afraid to wear them with your favorite jeans or a striking pencil skirt.

The 5 fashion trends for spring 2017

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