The abandoned house of a dentist.

This is the abandoned house of a dentist somewhere in Belgium. Most people do not want to see the dentist, not without reason, but this time the photographer and urban explorer Yannick Vandermolen went to the dentist happy and curious, the reason was that he was going to explore the old and decaying house of a dentist.

The dentist’s house is actually a beautiful villa situated on the banks of a river.Inside the abandoned house you will find what were the consulting rooms of the dentist. In fact, there were two consulting rooms, which makes me wonder if there were two dentists working there or only one. The house itself is not really shattered, although the queries of the dentists have been, especially one of them.

It is not known when the house was abandoned for a long time, but it is incredible that even today the typical smell of dental care medications can be smelled. Somehow the smell reminded of a query that was in full operation.

The house was probably very luxurious and it seems that some renovations were started. Proof of this are the new radiators that are still waiting to be unpacked but are covered in dust and cobwebs.

Apart from the consulting rooms, the house was empty, so we could find no clue about the owners and the reason why it was abandoned.

Writing this article I have recalled another about the mysterious abandoned house of a German physician . A mystery. It seems as if the doctor had left his house hastily, leaving everything behind.


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The abandoned house of a dentist.

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