Best breakfast for slimming. No transformation into fat!

It has long been proven the benefits of chicken eggs. In addition, they are considered an excellent breakfast, because they are very well sated. And for opponents of different porridges it is generally perfect. The most pleasant is the fact that people who eat breakfast with eggs, eat less during the day. This conclusion was made by scientists from the Louisiana State University.

On the basis of eggs there are many diets. But this does not mean that if you eat 4 eggs, toasted in butter, you will get a lot of good. Better master low-calorie recipes. After all, the right breakfast is a pledge of a cheerful day and good health. The edition “So Simple!” Tells you how to cook eggs for breakfast, depending on the purpose of nutrition and lifestyle.

Breakfast from eggs

Scientifically proven fact: egg yolk cholesterol does not contaminate our vessels, as it is quickly neutralized by other components of the egg. But the useful fatty acids are digested in full, so if you do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive vegetable oils for weight loss, you can replace them with an ordinary egg. And even yolk contains exactly those substances that strengthen immunity and accelerate the metabolism.

People who are dieting to lose weight can eat 8 eggs a week. And this means that 1-2 eggs a day is an acceptable standard. Especially if you limit the intake of animal fats. And now let’s proceed to the methods of preparation.

Breakfast champion

Ideal for men and people who play sports. It is best to cook on a day of strength training or to recover from it.


  •  1 egg
  •  6 yolks
  •  100 grams of spinach
  •  1 tbsp. L. Corn oil
  •  1 whole-grain toast


  1. Spinach the spinach in oil. In the meantime, whip the eggs.
  2. Add the beaten eggs to the spinach. Cook 2-3 minutes stirring constantly. Use with whole-grain toast, or sprinkle with bran.

Breakfast of the ballerina

Best for a day of training for endurance or a low-calorie diet.


  •  4 egg whites
  •  A mixture of Italian herbs
  •  Half a grapefruit


Mix the proteins with the Italian herbs. Pour into a glass plate and bake in the oven or microwave for 3 minutes. Serve and eat with grapefruit.

Breakfast in a hurry

Suitable anytime regardless of training. Ideal for people who do not diet, but just want to keep fit and eat well.


  •  2 eggs
  •  2 crispy rye flour
  •  1 tomato or orange


Boil eggs in water until boiling. Remove from heat and fill with cold water. Peel some eggs from the shell and lay their contents in a bowl. Eat with bread and tomato or orange.


Before switching to egg diets and breakfasts, you need to consult a doctor. It is better to refuse such food if there are serious diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as individual egg intolerance. And, as you already noticed, salt should also be discarded, because it delays water in the body.

Do you like porridge or eggs for breakfast? Try to prepare the breakfasts offered by us, to keep yourself in shape, and do not forget to share useful recipes with your friends in social networks!

Best breakfast for slimming. No transformation into fat!

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