A Bird With Two Heads

Once upon a time, there was a bird living on a tree along with a river named Furnada. That bird was unique because it had only two heads but the stomach was the same. One day that bird was roaming along the lake, only then she got a reddish fruit. It seemed to be very big in seeing the fruits. A head said, “Wow! What is the fruit! It seems that God has sent this fruit to me. I am so fortunate in that. “Then the head started eating that fruit with great pleasure and started eating and praising him.

Listened to the second head, “O dear! Let me also taste this fruit which you are praising so much. “The first head began to laugh and said,” When our stomach is the same, any head eat this fruit, this fruit will not go into the same stomach. There is no difference from the fact that I eat the fruit or you and because I have received this fruit, then the first right to eat the fruit is mine too. “After hearing this, the other head was very sad and the head Anger also came when it was selfish.

Then one day another head, one tree could get poisonous fruit. He took that fruit and spoke to the head first “Cheating! I will eat poisonous fruits in the future and then I will take revenge of my insult. “The first head said on this, please do not eat the toxic fruits because both of them will be killed because of an abdomen.” Say a second head on this “Shut up! I have received this fruit and have my full right to eat this fruit. The first head began to cry, but the other head did not listen to one and ate the venomous fruit. The result of this was to wash hands with both ends.

The meaning of the story: We should share good things with others.

A Bird With Two Heads

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