Bites of bees prescribed to his patients still Hippocrates … Severe joint damage disappears!

In ancient times, bee venom was used to get rid of dozens of diseases. Hippocrates and Galen resorted to apitherapy . And the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible applied live bees to diseased joints, fighting thus with gout.


Treatment with bee stings occurs with the help of apitoxin, a special natural substance. It looks like a yellow liquid that emits a characteristic smell. With prolonged exposure to air, the bee venom becomes thick, and eventually hardens.

Undoubtedly, apitoxin has a mass of useful substances, it contains peptides, about 20 amino acids, protein compounds, fats, carbohydrates, histamine and minerals. With one bite, the bee ejects about 0.3 grams of apitoxin.

Today, treatment with the help of bee stings is gaining popularity again. Medical courses help people get rid of diseases such as osteochondrosis, varicosity, prostatitis, multiple sclerosis and not only. Let’s see how the treatment with bee stings is practiced!

Treatment with bee stings

  1. The initial stage is a bioassay. The doctor produces a single sting of the patient in the lumbar region. Then within an hour, the patient is monitored for any allergic reaction to bee venom. If immunity does not respond aggressively, it is possible to conduct therapy.
  2. The obligatory moment – before the treatment with bee venom a number of laboratory tests are carried out. They study blood (tests for hemoglobin, leukocytes, erythrocytes and ESR) and urine (analyzes for sugar and protein).
  3. After obtaining the exact results of the tests, the laboratory test is repeated again.
  4. Treatment with live bees is similar to acupuncture. The therapy is carried out pointwise, by applying a bee to a certain bodily zone. After the bite, the insect is removed, and the sting along with the healing apitoxin remains in the upper layer of the skin for another 5-10 minutes.
  5. Each course of treatment is carried out with a gradual increase in the number of bites, as well as small breaks between the stages of recovery.

Going to treat sick joints with the help of apitherapy, it is worth learning about some of the nuances of this process. On the first day of treatment, the doctor will produce only one bite, the second day – two, the third – three. So until the tenth day. The second course should be conducted after 4-5 days. The second stage of treatment should last at least 1.5 months.

Have you already experienced the wonderful action of apitherapy? Be sure to share your impressions in the comments.

Bites of bees prescribed to his patients still Hippocrates … Severe joint damage disappears!

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