Bolt gets injured in his post and does not end the 4×100 of the World-wide Athletics of London

The Jamaican giant is injured 50 meters from the finish line in his final race. Britain gets gold, United States, silver and Japan, bronze



When in doubt, print the legend, says the journalist who invented James Stewart killed Liberty Valence. In case of doubt, he writes that Usain Bolt fell like a battered hero in his last battle, 50 meters from the finish line, with the witness in his hand. It would be an epic epitaph for the athlete who turned athletics into a show, which he, Usain Bolt, the competitor who hates to lose, would never write.A movie where I would never act. Fulminated like lightning by the pain that tears his left leg , the fastest man in the world stumbles, steps forward, and falls to the ground. Throw the witness in anger. Like soldiers who get a bullet without anesthesia, he bites the gold chain that hangs from his neck and holds on as pain can, without shouting. Broken.


He was on unknown terrain. It was his end of curve and start of straight, his steps to jump and take the stick of his friend Yohan Blake, how many triumphant times had happened. But that was the end of his resemblance to the golden reality in which he has lived his decade as the biggest, fastest, most successful athlete. Fight like never before and lose like last Saturday. He chases two kids 10 years younger than him, who run much faster. One is a very small American who had already defeated him twice in London, Christian Coleman, and the other, an Englishman born in London and raised and made athlete in the land of his parents, Jamaica, of course, Nethaneel Mitchell Blake.He could not see it from the ground, though he would have liked it, and even smiled bitterly. He has his face stuck to the tartan, to the 100m track that when he was flying, he did nothing, a year ago alone, he was able to cross in less than 10s on the ground, almost contemptuous, only 2s. He does not see the end. The desperate attempt of Coleman, the runner-up of the world, to overcome Mitchell Blake, a specialist in 200m to which the roar of the mass feeds. The American can not. The United Kingdom gains the relay (37,47s), the second European country after France that it obtains in the history of the World-wide ones. The United States falls again, as in the previous four World Championships and three Olympic Games interspersed with the so-called Bolt era of athletics. His rival, as Coleman had anticipated, lucid, was not Jamaica.

The British are already celebrating and letting the Clash and their London Callingring through the loudspeakers, and the Japanese, again third, as in Rio, also give the return of honor. Around the fallen, in which all eyes are nailed, have joined his three companions, Omar McLeod, the champion 110m hurdles, his secret weapon, Julian Forte and Blake. Assists arrive with a wheelchair. Bolt looks at her and is indignant. He stands and lifts the long leg of his body to show the entire left thigh. She limps. It jumps. Has the goal to 10 meters. He arrives and goes through it alone, worthy, without help. Then, leaning on his partner and, face made a mask that wants to be expressionless but can not hide its desolation, leave the false door through the door. “He only has a cramp in the left leg ischium,” said Jamaica team doctor Kevin Jones. “It’s painful, but what hurts most is losing the race.”

On the morning of June 1, 2008, the phones of many sleeping athletics specialists played in Europe. Wake up, said the friend who called, you have to know this: Usain Bolt has beaten in New York the world record of 100m. After the dazzling surprise, everyone realized the value of that fact, that a giant Jamaican of almost two meters ran the 100m in 9.72s, that in the history of athletics opened a new era. With the same clarity, these specialists, and the world in general, knew at dusk on a gray August afternoon in London that a time was closing forever.

Bolt always believed in his legend, in his ability to create it, that he had never failed, until the last day he succumbed to real life, the laws of physiology and muscle tension and broken balance between his gluteus Maximum and its semitendinosos and semimembranosos of the back of the thigh. So, because his imagination had always come true, he decided that for his farewell, to run his last races in London he would not need to train more than a few weeks. The rest would do his class, his unique talent. In his last interview as an active athlete, published in L’Équipe, Bolt confesses that what he hated most all his life was training, and that only when he saw everything he could get with a little sacrifice he decided to give himself to the gym. In 2017, in his farewell, he did not train enough.

Time caught him and tried to devour him, but he can never forget that he, Bolt, is the greatest, and that he was able to get up and finish his last 100 meters.

Bolt gets injured in his post and does not end the 4×100 of the World-wide Athletics of London

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