Burnt sugar cough! Infallible remedy for cough

There is an infallible remedy for cough, which helps better than any syrup. Burnt sugar acts very gently, removing an inflammation of the mucous, so it can even be used to treat children! You can cook sucking lollipops from melted sugar over the fire, but there is an option even better! Sharing effective recipe.


Burnt sugar cough

Of course, with a strong cough in a child or adult should immediately consult a doctor and take advantage of its provisions. But as an additional treatment can drink a healthy milk sugar syrup, which miraculously cope with a cough. Drink a glass before going to sleep the whole night and sleep quietly without cough!


  • 1 h. L. caramel
  • 200ml milk
  • 2 bananas


  1. Heat the regular sugar in a spoon over the fire. When the crystals melt and the mass thickens, pour the caramel into the pan.
  2. Pour a glass of hot milk sugar.
  3. Cleanse 2 ripe bananas, chop them in a blender or mash with a fork. Add mashed banana in hot sweet milk.
  4. Shall the weight to a boil, stirring carefully.
  5. Take off the milk from the heat, cool slightly and drink! Burnt sugar will expectorant action, milk strengthen mucus, and bananas help the body deal with inflammation.


Now you know how to make caramel cough! Save this recipe in any case, proven over the years means fails.

Burnt sugar cough! Infallible remedy for cough

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