Cristiano Ronaldo, sanctioned with five matches after the red and the push to the referee

The Single Judge of Competition has decided to sanction Cristiano Ronaldo withfive matches after his expulsion in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup. The Portuguese striker saw his first differential performance of the season clouded by a debatable expulsion on being accused of simulating a penalty and a subsequent heat that led him to give a slight push to De Burgos Bengoetxea when he saw the second yellow and went to the Street.

It was an ephemeral, almost instinctive gesture that has cost the Portuguese a penalty of five games, one for the expulsion and four for the push, according to the resolution of the Single Judge. “First agreement to suspend for a game player Cristiano Ronaldo for double refereeing and consequent expulsion, the first to remove the shirt and the second to pretend to have been foul,” explains the note.“Second, to impose on the player a penalty of suspension during four parties for violation of article 96 of the Disciplinary Code.”

The sole judge has dismissed the allegations of Real Madrid , who decided to appeal the second card that received Cristiano at the Camp Nou to understand that the attacker did not pretend to simulate penalty, but that the action of falling to the ground was a mere throw of the game Of the contact with Umtiti. “Penalty I do not know, but the second card is strong,” Zidane said yesterday after the match. The legal services of the club have been preparing the defense during the morning of Monday and among all the evidence presented to the Single Judge included a videographic of the play with which they tried to demonstrate the clash between Cristiano Ronaldo and the French defender. That action and the whole of the performance of De Burgos Bengoetxea did not like the white team, who returned this morning to training and left the Camp Nou opposed to the expulsion of his star and impunity of the Which ensure that enjoys the Barcelonist Luis Suárez.

Known the sanction, that in the club did not wait until the morning of Wednesday, the Madrid will exhaust all possible routes, although they recognize that they do it without almost hopes of being able to get any change. They will request the precaution for the sanctioning party for the expulsion that deprives Cristiano of disputing of the return of the Supercopa and they will resort to the Committee of Apelación the four parties of suspension by the push that the player will have to fulfill in Liga. Madrid considers disproportionate the punishment for an action in which they consider that there is no show of contempt or aggressiveness on the part of Cristiano Ronaldo towards the collegiate, something, for example, they do believe that it is appreciated at the moment in which Luis Suárez is She faced him abruptly. For the resolution, the Single Judge chose to make use of Article 96 and applied exactly the same sanction as the ex-eld of Las Palmas Marko Livaja last season or Simeone in the year 2014, similar recent antecedents.

While waiting for the Committee to assess the appeal of Madrid, everything indicates that Zinedine Zidane will not be able to count on Cristiano in the return of the Supercopa nor in the first four days ligueras, in which the white ones face to Deportivo, Valencia, Levante and Real Sociedad. Madrid, five games and 34 days without Cristiano.

Cristiano Ronaldo, sanctioned with five matches after the red and the push to the referee

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