Energy-saving lamps pose a mortal danger

Relatively recently appeared in our lives as comfortable and economical energy-saving lamps. They have several advantages over conventional incandescent: duration of use, cost, lack of heating elements.


economical bulb

However, few people know that cheap lamps are extremely harmful to our health. The fact that they are arranged quite peculiar: the main stream of light they generate a special substance – phosphor. It is usually applied to the inner walls of tubes.


Often, these light sources are in the form of a tube or a snake. Inside economical lampfilled with mercury vapor and inert gas – argon. Under the influence of electricity mercury vapors begin to emit ultraviolet rays, which, in turn, stimulates the phosphor to the radiation beam.


The unit of energy-saving light bulbs carefully studied the German professor, head of department of the hospital somnological St. Hedwig in Berlin Dieter Kunz. He held a series of investigations that result came to the conclusion that the cold light emitted by these lights causes a variety of sleep disorders .


Also Professor Kunz believes that economical bulbs adversely affect the entire body, “part of their use can lead to a variety of pathologies, ranging from dysfunction of the digestive tract and ending with cardiovascular disease, including myocardial infarction, psychiatric disorders, and depression.

But the main thing – that people who are employed on shift work, are at increased risk of tumor diseases, and this applies to all forms of medicine known tumors. “


It is also important to note that cheap lamps are the source of electromagnetic radiation of radio-frequency range. This is another reason to abandon the use of such light sources.

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Energy-saving lamps pose a mortal danger

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