The murderer who photographed his victims

Harvey Glatman Murray was born in Bronx, New York, on December 10, 1927 and raised in Colorado. From a very young age Harvey has already recorded his strange behavior. His parents found him once with a rope tied around his penis and the other end of the rope tied to a drawer, he was leaning back with the rope tautening his penis. I was only four years old.


Harvey’s parents were alarmed by his son’s behavior, but his indulgent mother, Ophelia, believed that he would grow up without problems and not have to worry, while his father Albert hoped that with discipline he could straighten the child. His parents faced bitter disappointment. Nothing and no one would prevent Harvey from pursuing his peculiar way of finding pleasure.

**FOR WEEKEND RELEASE, MAY 10-11 & THEREAFTER** This is an undated booking photograph of Harvey Glatman. He had killed three women before model Lorainne Vigil overpowered him in his car as he tried to kidnap her in October 1958. After he stopped the car, they scuffled on the roadside in Orange County, Cal., where she gained control of his gun and held him at gunpoint until a highway patrolman happened on the scene and arrested Glatman. Later, Glatman admitted to killing Dull, Bridgeford and a third victim, Ruth Mercado, also known as Angela Rojas. (AP Photo/The Longmont Times-Call courtesy of the Boulder County, Colo. Sheriff’s Office)

Puberty is a confusing and difficult time and even more so for a young man whose fantasies and desires were not going hand in hand with a girl to the cafe on the corner or hugging a young woman in a party dress. Not that he could not have done these things, it was probably his most ordinary dream, but Harvey was extremely shy with the girls and this timidity was accentuated even more by nicknames like “weasel” and “squirrel”, with which his colleagues . All this contributed to Harvey having a sex life based on fantasies, nights of raids, stolen clothes, a weapon, rape and ropes. A serial killer was brewing.

Glatman committed his first sexual crimes in adolescence. He invaded the apartments of several women, stole underwear and made touches but no violations and even photographed his victims by force. In 1945, he was arrested and charged with attempted robbery. While he was awaiting trial on bail, he abducted and abused another woman, he was sentenced to eight months in prison.

Glatman devised the perfect way to find his victims without having to look for them. Published in the press announcements requesting the services of models for photographic sessions. The models had to be young and inexperienced, thus avoiding professional models and therefore an unreasonable supply.

First victim.

Judy Ann Dull , 19, was a model who published an advertisement in the press advertising herself as a photographic model. Judy shared an apartment in West Hollywood with two other pin-up models, Betty Carver (18) and Lynn Lykles (22) and when a man with bright glasses knocked on the door asking for Judy none of the women felt threatened by him, He even left his roommates his phone number and a name, but false.

On August 2, 1957, Johnny, his fake name, moved Judy to a secluded apartment, there he made her pose with little clothes and tied with ropes, with the excuse that they were for the cover of a detective magazine. His mentality told him that if a woman was willing to pose to a stranger in that way then she deserved to be raped. After the rape, in order to avoid being betrayed, he strangled her.




Judy did not come back from the photo shoot after a while, so her partner Betty called the phone Johnny had left, but the number did not correspond to a photographic studio as he said, it was a machine shop and no one had heard of a Such as Johnny Glinn. Betty Lynn and called the police.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff issued an emergency bulletin with all the characteristics of Glinn.

The body of Judy Ann Dull was found about 160 meters away from a road, four and a half kilometers west of Indio, in the middle of the desert. The rope used to strangle her and tie her had been taken away by her killer. I would use it again. The tomb had not been deep enough to dissuade the desert animals they took out and scattered Judy’s remains. Their bones would be discovered in December, but could not be identified until a few months later.

Second victim.

A few months after the rape and murder of his first victim Harvey Glatman enrolled in a solitary hearts club, another convenient way to find victims. He started a relationship with Shirley Ann Bridgeford , 24 years old. In March of 1958 he arranged his first appointment with Harvey, who had enrolled in the club with a false name. At gunpoint he raped her in the car.The maniató and moved it to the desert, where he returned it to rape on a sheet, taking photos to him before and after the violation. He strangled her and photographed her again, abandoned the corpse in the bush-covered desert.



Third victim.

Her third victim found her thanks to an advertisement in a newspaper in which the girl offered to pose naked. Ruth Mercado , 24 years old. On July 23, 1958, he went to his house and repeated the modus operandi described above: he raped her at gunpoint, tied her and gagged her and carried her into the desert. In the same savanna used earlier with Ruth lay and photographed.After the photographic session he raped her again and subsequently strangled her.


17 Dec 1958, San Diego, California, USA — Photo By Killer. San Diego, California: This photo, showing bound and gagged Los Angeles model Ruth Mercado lying in the desert, was offered in evidence at trial here Dec. 17th as having been taken by Harvey M. Glatman after he had kidnapped the woman last July. Glatman was sentenced to death after admitting that he lured Miss Mercado and two other women into the desert where he raped them and forced them to pose for nude photographs before murdering them. Glatman, who has posed as a professional glamour photographer, was captured when he attempted a fourth kidnapping. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


The one that could have been the fourth victim.

Lorraine Vigil was an attractive secretary who was tired of her work and wanted to dedicate herself to being a professional model so she asked a friend, also a model, to help her with some fashion photographer. On October 27th, Lorraine received a call from her friend telling her that there was a photographer, a Frank Johnson who was interested in having a session with her, but warned him that he was a rather weird guy who had made a session with him and He looked lasciviously at her.

Arrived on the day of the appointment Lorraine rode in the car with Frank and they went to the photographic studio but soon Lorraine realized that this was not the right way. Frank told him that he had planned to go to another studio. Lorraine was getting more and more nervous. Frank stopped the car in a secluded place with the excuse that it seemed that he had punctured a wheel. He pulled the rope and a gun and threatened Lorraine, she told him to please do not tie her, that he would do anything he asked. At that moment a motorist was passing by and Lorraine jumped out of the car. Frank chased her and shot her in the leg. Terrified, Lorraine lunged at Frank and snatched the pistol from him. The biker he had seen was an off-duty police officer and had to convince Lorraine not to blow his head off.

Harvey Glatman was arrested and little by little they were clarifying the crimes. Hundreds of photographs of dozens of women tied up or with explicitly sexual poses were found in her home.





That same night he accompanied the police to the desert to the place where he had buried and abandoned his victims.

He was condemned to die in the gas chamber and the sentence was fulfilled the 18 of September of 1959.

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The murderer who photographed his victims

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