You do not even know what a your cell phone!

Imagine modern life without a mobile phone is not possible. This attribute is not simply joined in our lives and has become an indispensable element in any situation. But the truth is that most of us are not even aware of the potential of such friends and familiar devices.

Specially for you “so easy!” I have prepared a selection of useful features of your mobile phone, which you could not guess.

Hidden mobile phone capabilities

    1. Each owner of the car at least once in his life found himself in a situation where the keys are locked inside the car. Do not rush to panic, or worse, hit the glass.If the house you have a second set of remote control key, take your phone, quietly call the number of the cell kogo-nibud households and ask to use the key directly from the house, previously having brought it to a mobile phone while he is being held in a unit at a distance of about 30 see the car door.

      So your phone will create some kind of portal and serve as a guide for the key. This will help you save time, material costs and in two accounts open your car. The distance in this case has absolutely no importance: even if you’re hundreds of kilometers away from home, if you manage to get through to a person with a spare key, you can open the car or the trunk!


    1. It is not unfortunate, but every second owner of the mobile phone at least once in his life the victim of theft of a cell. The situation is very unpleasant and is often not the case even in the cost of the device and information.If you live in a big city, we advise you to take responsibility for the issue of the security of your property, and, of course, does not prevent it safe once again. If you still lost your phone, it is best to immediately block it. To do this you will need the serial number of the cell.

      Score on the phone the following sequence of numbers * # 06 #, then the display shows the code of 15 digits – a unique number that never repeats and is assigned by the manufacturer individually to each unit. Write it down and keep in a safe place. If your phone is lost, call your mobile operator and inform the code, after which the cell can be blocked.

      After this telephone will be impossible to use. Of course, this does not guarantee that it will return to you, but at least your phone in its original form will not be able to take advantage of an attacker.


    1. If you caught the emergency being anywhere in the world, you need only dial a short “112” number from your mobile and the phone automatically searches for available emergency numbers within the network area.Even when out of network coverage without having funds in the account and being in a foreign country, this number you will necessarily bind with the necessary emergency service. Moreover, this number can be dialed without even taking your phone to lock!


    1. The most pressing issue for all mobile phone users is battery life. Fortunately, for this problem, there is life hacking, although this advice is only for Nokia owners.The fact that it is the Nokia brand phones has hidden battery reserve. To enable it, you need to dial a combination of digits * 3370 # and then your phone will restart with the backup battery and the battery charge will increase by 50%. Backup battery, in turn, recharges the next battery charge.


Today, the world gives us an incredible amount of technical capabilities . Every day there are new tools to facilitate the life of modern man. Keeping up with the times sometimes quite hard, but we always try to keep you up to date! Share useful information with one another and make their lives easier!

You do not even know what a your cell phone!

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