Truth about how much bacteria accumulates mobile phone!

Today’s hard to imagine life without mobile devices. They have become our reliable assistants in maintaining communication with the outside world, planning tasks, self-expression, entertainment …


Unfortunately, very few people even for a moment think about how many bacteria living on the body favorite gadget. But many of them – pathogens!

Why the phone screen should be cleaned

The experiment was conducted by the University of Surrey in English, confirmed the need for regular cleaning of the body and the mobile phone’s screen.


Dr. Simon Pak from the above university to offer its students to make their impression of the electronic devices in a nutrient medium for bacteria in Petri bowls.


After 3 days, researchers saw a spectacular colonies of bacteria that inhabit the body of gadgets.


Dr. Pak said that much should not be afraid, as the majority of microorganisms inhabiting the mobile harmless.


Nevertheless, the health hazard is also present, Staphylococcus aureus, for example, took a fancy to many devices. This type of bacteria is causing skin diseases, meningitis, pneumonia, osteomyelitis …


The scientist concluded: “The results of the study showed that mobile phones are not only remember phone numbers, but also to keep the story itself of our physical contact with different people and materials.” In the push devices live bacteria on the keyboard, but the vulnerability of touchscreen phones – screen.


The best way to protect yourself from bacteria – a regular cleansing the body and the phone’s screen with the help of specially designed tools.

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Truth about how much bacteria accumulates mobile phone!

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