The sight deceives us: 30 photographs that require a second look.

More than the sight deceives us it would have to say that the brain deceives us. Sometimes we believe we see situations, people or things that really are not what it seems. Photographs that require a second look.
The situation of the camera, firing the photo a thousandth of a second before or after, results in these curious snapshots, so you know, take a second look at these pictures before deciding what you have seen.



1. Are you sure you are missing a hand? No, it’s not what it looks like.

2. That arm so long, I do not know, I do not know, it’s not what it seems.

3. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. There is no one naked in the picture.

4. With gray hair and playing basketball?

5. Someone else wanted to pose in the photo.

6. A boy with nice legs?

7. Photocopy of cat.

8. If that were the actual size of the seagull you would have to run away.

9. If both hands are there, who does the photo?

10. Do not put your leg on me.

11. Another huge arm?

12. Something there does not fit.

13. Another leg with legs.




16. No, you do not need an exorcist.

17. Perhaps he will come to visit the Jíbaros.

18. Centaur woman.

19. Manta face has the child, right?

20. Melena to the wind the one of this dog.

21. No, you do not see what you’re thinking. Remember. Photos that require a second look.

22. An Egyptian deity?

23. A clue: there is only one vehicle there.

24. Another mess of heads and legs.

25. Levitating on the water?

26. Nor is it what it seems. It’s still early.

27. A clue: camouflage .

28. Lice of legs.

29. He is not levitating either.

30. No, it is not a mutation. Fortunately.

The sight deceives us: 30 photographs that require a second look.

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