The best tips to see the sun eclipse

Solar eclipses are a spectacular phenomenon but very dangerous for the eyes. Do you want to know the 6 best ways to see a sun eclipse without risk?


The next 21 of August will be the opportunity to see this phenomenon so rare and spectacular. In the case of Spain we will be able to see it only at a partial level so its darkening effects will hardly be noticed.

And I wonder…

Does it make sense to complicate our lives and risk our eyesight by failing to see a phenomenon that can be seen on television infinitely better?

I honestly do not think so, but just in case I have compiled a series of tips and recommendations so that if you wish you can see the eclipse of August 21 safely.

The good thing about this eclipse is that in Spain it will coincide with the sunset so the risks decrease a lot but still they should not be ignored.

And at the end of the article I leave you an inserted video where you explain the areas where it will happen in the form of total eclipse.

Why is a solar eclipse so dangerous to our eyes?

We’ll see,

The first thing I want you to know is that the danger is not the eclipse itself, but the problem lies in looking directly at the sun (with eclipse or without eclipse).

The sun emits very strong radiations that damage the retina in a very short time.

When there is an eclipse it is very tempting to look at the sun because it bothers a lot less and for a good while apparently our eyes endure with no visual symptoms or discomfort.

However the effect of radiation (fundamentally ultraviolet) is devastating on our retina, which can cause irreparable damage that can even cause Low Vision or even legal blindness.

And now that you have already clear that you have to have a lot of respect for an eclipse, we are going to get into the matter that possibly interests you more.

The 6 simplest ways to see a risk-free eclipse

I personally recommend the 5th alternative.

1. Solar eclipse glasses

It is the most common method but it is not the safest method. These glasses are specially designed to see eclipses and you can buy them in some kiosks, optical or you can even buy eclipse glasses in amazon.

My recommendation is that despite wearing special eclipse glasses you should not spend more than 30 seconds in a row looking towards the sun even though they tell you in the instructions that you can stay longer.

And a lot of eye with the children … do not trust that they can fuse it brown if while you are enjoying so richly of the eclipse they take off the glasses or although you have said that they do not they are put to look directly towards the sun.

They have weaker eye structures and damage is faster, so keep them under control.

2. Welding filters

It is an inexpensive and comfortable method that when the eclipses date is usually exhausted quickly and although it is possible to get welder filters online it is more complicated to select the filter well. As with special eclipse goggles you should not be more than 30 seconds looking straight into the eclipse.

The only suitable filter is number 14 .

If you have a solder filter and you are not sure of the reference number you have just … DO NOT USE.

3. View an eclipse using projection systems

They are very safe methods of indirect observation if they are made and used correctly.

You will need a flat mirror covered entirely with a paper cut into a hole less than 1 cm in diameter.

Never look at the image of the Sun in the mirror, you have to look only at the projected image.

You have several designs of systems of projection in the page of the Larense Association of Astronomy and among them the one of the mirror

4. Use of optical instruments (telescopes and binoculars)

This method is best left to the associations of astronomy and people prepared in the subject, since to be talking about magnifying glasses, are not worth the same filters to put in eyepieces and specific knowledge is needed.

If you want to use binoculars or a telescope you will need to buy special filters like these:

5. Watch the eclipse on television or live on the internet

Watch the eclipse on TV
  • My favorite form is the one I recommend.
  • You’re going to tell me … how boring I am, so it does not spring but deep down you know it’s the truth.
  • You can be sure that you will see the eclipse infinitely better in TV during the midday or nightly news that if you want to see it live through special filters.

Enjoy the eclipse in high definition in the comfort of your home and do not complicate life!

Watch the eclipse live on the internet

If you have the opportunity to see the eclipse live you also have the internet resource that will offer the eclipse live.

The option that I recommend is that you do it from the website that has enabled NASA for it

Click to see the eclipse live on the internet

Eclipse Live Stream Nasa

6. View the eclipse through the mobile phone

This alternative can be dangerous if you look at the screen directly and the eclipse reflects you rebound.

For this reason is not the most recommendable but you can always do it looking for an angle that reduces the risks of reflections and of course back or near the sun.

If you choose this option you can take photos or record a video to watch later but as you can imagine is not the best option and the quality of the image will be quite poor.

And just in case ….

Things you NEVER have to do to see an eclipse

  • Do not use x-rays
  • Do not wear sunglasses
  • DO NOT use dark glass panes
  • DO NOT use CD’s or floppy disks
  • DO NOT use foil
  • DO NOT use water as a projection mirror

For those who ignore

If unfortunately someone in your environment makes a mistake and notice vision difficulties, please tell them to go to the emergency department as soon as possible.

Where will the August eclipse of the sun look best?

If you live in Spain the best areas to observe the solar eclipse are the Canary Islands and the peninsular West.

In my case I live in the Galician Rias Baixas I will have the opportunity to see it during the sunset so this time it will be much safer since the intensity of the sun is much lower than if it coincides in the central hours of the day. If it’s nice weather, I’ll probably get to see him for a little while.

The area of ​​the world best to observe a total eclipse will be the United States as it will cross the country from coast to coast as you can see in this video.

And finally, I ask you a favor

If you want to see a solar eclipse, make sure that your family and friends come to the eclipse day with homework done.

Unfortunately, when the date approaches, many people want to aim to see the eclipse without having the proper means and that is where improvisations come, using inappropriate home methods and finally problems. If you do not get them in kiosks or optical, you’re still in time to buy glasses to see the eclipse in amazon.

If you have found it interesting, you can share this article with your family and friends so that this time you have not lost their eyesight for not protecting their eyes properly.

Remember that we have two eyes for life and that for now there are no spare parts 

The best tips to see the sun eclipse

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